SOCS 325 Week 3 Article Summary, Environmental Injustice of Clean Coal


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SOCS 325 Week 3 Article Summary: Clean coal is the dirtiest of all the fossil fuels used as an alternate resource for many industry advances, butmainly for power generation.  It is also used for many other useful things that most people are not aware of.  Coal is used to break down and reduce the carbons in ore from the earth’s crust. Therefore making 70 percent of steel production dependent on coal (WCA, 2016).  In addition, coal uses fly ash which is a byproduct of combustion in coal power plants. As a supplemental resource for cement in concrete (WCA, 2016).  The coal is producing close to half of global electricity. That is why it isn’t any wonder why there is so much debate on what effect it is having on our climate and the emissions it produces…….socs 325 week 3