SOCS 325 Week 3 Activity, Treadmill Theory of Production and Consumption


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SOCS 325 Week 3 Activity Treadmill Theory of Production and Consumption

SOCS 325 Week 3 Activity: The theory of Interlocking treadmill of production and consumption was first coined by Allan Schnaiberg. We as humans depend on the consistent flow of nature and we constantly interact with the world around us.  Workers and consumers become trapped in a never-ending cycle of labor-consumption-harder labor-more intensive consumption. For example we depend on energy from nature, we consistently take in the natural world through air, food, water and etc. We consistently release it back by urinating, exhaling and etc. Additions which are the waste created by production for human goods are ecological disruptions. The result is a decreased quality of life and increased ecological destruction, while the ……………….