SEC 591 Disaster Recovery-Forensics and Security – Entire Course


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SEC 591 Week 1

Discussion 1, Assessing risk using the TAM

Discussion 2, The rationale for contingency planning

SEC 591 Week 2

Discussion 1, The Value of the BIA

Discussion 2, The Contingency Plan Coordinator

SEC591 Week 3

Discussion 1a, Recovery Strategy (Two Sources)

Discussion 2a, Data Backup Strategies (Two Sources)

Quiz (Question and Answers)

SEC591 Week 4

Course Project, Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Discussion 1, Should We Disrupt Operations to Test

Discussion 2, Auditing the DRP to Standards

SEC591 Week 5

Discussion 1, Scaling Storage

Discussion 2, Scaling and Recovering the WAN

SEC591 Week 6

Discussion 1, Crisis Communication of Giuliani & Nagin

Discussion 2, Crisis Communication Plan

SEC591 Week 6 Quiz Answers

SEC-591 Week 7

Course Project, Omega Research Inc.

Discussion 1, Securing a crime scene

Discussion 2, Understanding the exceptionssec 591 entire course