SEC 435 Network Penetration Testing, Assignment, Lab, Discussion




SEC 435 Week 1 CEH Pre-Assessment

SEC435 Week 1 Lab Assignment 1, Hacking Mobile Platforms

SEC435 Week 1 Discussion, Session Hijacking

SEC_435 Week 2 Lab Assignment, Hacking Web Server

SEC_435 Week 2 Discussion, Web Application Threats

SEC 435 Week 3 Assignment 1, Business Security Posture

SEC435 Week 3 Lab Assignment, Hacking Web Application

SEC435 Week 3 Discussion, Cracking

SEC_435 Week 4 Lab Assignment, SQL Injections

SEC_435 Week 4 Discussion, SQL Injection Attacks and Prevention

SEC435 Week 5 Discussion, Case Study

SEC435 Week 6 Assignment 2, Security Risk Assessment

SEC_435 Week 6 Lab 5 Assignment, Air Cracking

SEC_435 Week 6 Discussion, Macs and Viruses

SEC435 Week 7 Lab 6 Assignment, Hacking Mobile Devices

SEC435 Week 7 Discussion, Mobile Malware

SEC_435 Week 8 Lab 7 Assignment, Detecting Intrusions

SEC_435 Week 8 Discussion, What If

SEC435 Week 9 Assignment, Case Study

SEC435 Week 9 Discussion, Database Attack

SEC_435 Week 10 Term Paper, Penetration Testing

SEC_435 Week 10 Lab Assignment 8, Enumeration

SEC435 Week 10 Discussion, Encryption and Enumeration

SEC435 Week 11 Post-Assessment

SEC_435 Week 11 Discussion, Share your Thoughts


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