SEC 405 Week 9 Assignment 4, Computer Forensic Tools


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SEC 405 Week 9 Assignment 4

Many times, we find ourselves stuck, in a process where we had to reboot our computers or accidentally deleted some files that we have no idea how to recover. There are many tools out that can assist you with recovering lost files. I will discuss two of the recovery programs that may be of some benefit to you, which are Disk Drill and Restoration.Disk Drill is a simple data recovery program that is free to use. The Disk Drill is said to recover data up to 500 MB from any device that is virtual. This software allows to preview material before recovery, you may also pause and resume, filter by size or dates. You may also run quick scans if results are needed faster……………….Continued (05 Pages with References)

sec 405 week 9 assignmentsec 405 week 9 assignment