SEC 405 Week 8 Case Study 2 U.S. versus AOL 


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SEC 405 Week 8 Case Study 2 U.S. versus AOL 

We are right now in the electronic age. Personal and work devices have all been used as portals for information and various ways of communicating with others. Many persons throughout the world have utilized the ability to use these machines for personal gain creating crimes in myriad amounts. One way the computer was ……to commit a crime was in 2001. Six executives from companies PurchasePro and America Online were …..of accounting deceptions. In the case of US vs AOL, the computer was … commit securities fraud and wire fraud. Securities fraud is when practices are deceptive involving the stock market, the crime falsifies information for their personal gain marking investors want to purchase. Wire fraud is using electronic communications to defraud someone. Both crimes required a computer in order to complete and by the computer the executives changed information regarding their revenues……………………Continued (05 Pages with References)

sec 405 week 8 case studysec 405 week 8 case study