SEC 405 Week 3 Case Study 1, Keylogging Scam


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SEC 405 Week 3 Case Study 1, Keylogging Scam

keylogger has to transmit information to a third-party to do any harm. Firewalls are designed to prevent outside access to your computer. Obtain and use an automated form-filler password manager, particularly if you often enter personal or financial information at any website. These form fillers encrypt and save this confidential information and automatically fill it in, so you won’t have to type it in. Consider using an on screen keyboard to eliminate the keyboard connection. However, the text has to get to its destination somehow, and that path may be vulnerable to clever keystroke loggers.

Use encrypted keyboard drivers. These encrypt your keystrokes at the driver level (the first layer between the keyboard and the operating system), then feed them in decrypted form to the…………………..Continued (07 Pages with References)

sec 405 week 3 case studysec 405 week 3 case study