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SEC 405 Week 10 Term Paper Chief Security Officer 

You have been hired as the Chief Security Officer for a local University.  For this role you will be responsible for establishing and maintaining an enterprise wide information security program to ensure that all information and data assets are not compromised.  Knowing the concepts that are presented in the course, you will develop a plan to carry out a security program that deters computer crimes, establishes a process for investigation and outlines which laws are applicable for possible offenders.

Write a 8-10 page paper in which you:

Research the Internet for recent computer hacker attacks or other crimes that have been committed against higher educational institutions. 

  1. Analyze the processes put in place by other higher education institutions in order to prevent these crimes from reoccurring sec 405 week 10
  2. Recommend processes, methodologies, or technology that can be … lower computer crime threats.  Include specifics on pricing and the level of support and maintenance that would be required.

Research the Internet for current laws and government agencies that exist in your region that address the threat of computer cyber-crimes. 

  1. Identify the laws that would be effective to convict offenders.  Determine what computer crime fighting government programs exist within your region that can complement your security operations.

Research the internet for computer forensics technology that can be … the University sec 405 week 10

  1. Identify the types and determine the costs of technology that can be used for gathering electronic evidence, evidence from hardware, evidence from Firewalls, or cell phones.
SEC 405 Week 10 Discussion 1, Pre-Attack techniques
  • From the first e-Activity, identify technology or methods that can be ……by an organization to prevent a hacking attack. Describe the reasons why all organizations haven’t implemented these defensive tactics already.
  • Speculate whether pre-attack techniques are controllable from an organization’s perspective.
SEC 405 Week 10 Discussion 2, Encryption
  • From the second e-Activity, describe at least two technologies that use encryption and provide examples on how these protect security.
  • Explain what risks are present if the data is not ……  Give information on other industry-wide accepted encryption methods.sec 405 week 10