REL 212 Final Exam – Question and Answers


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REL 212 World Religions Final Exam

  1. Shinto requires purification instead of repentance because
  2. Outside a shrine in Kamakura, there is an image of the kami Inari along with an image of a bodhisattva. This is an example of
  3. Nationalists who idealized Japan’s ancient “Shinto” past used Confucian-style ancestor worship to
  4. Hasidism has been successful at gaining adherents among young Jews because of
  5. The Jewish holy day of atonement and cleansing is called
  6. The movement dedicated to the establishment of a politically viable Jewish state is known as
  7. Kabbalah is associated with esotericism
  8. While under oppressive rule, some Jews believed their oppression would end when a(n)
  9. The first four books of the New Testament, which were written forty to sixty years after Jesus’ death, are called the gospels, or “good news,” because
  10. Some evangelical and Protestant Christians in the United States believe that political decisions ought to be made based on the belief that
  11. The year 1054 is important in the history of Christianity, because it was the year in which
  12. Colossians states that in Jesus “whole fullness of deity dwells bodily,” which relates to the Christian doctrine of
  13. Why did Paul believe that Gentiles could also be Christians?
  14. Muslims see Christians and Jews as “People of the Book” because
  15. The Muslim community established the shari’ah
  16. Why are all Muslims who are physically and financially able required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime?
  17. Abraham and Ishmael built the holiest sanctuary in Islam, known as the
  18. In Islam, why is charity or almsgiving mandated?
  19. All of the following are among the three central teachings of Guru Nanak EXCEPT
  20. Guru Gobind Singh formed the Khalsa in response to
  21. Female initiates into the Khalsa take the surname
  22. Who founded Sikhism?
  23. Why was the crowing of Haile Selassie important for the Rastafari religious group?
  24. A dramatic end of the present world is called a(n)
  25. Meghan believes that ultimate reality is female. She most likely practices
  26. Santeria developed in part because
  27. Some scholars feel that using religious rhetoric of good versus evil in international warfare has
  28. Samir Shah, an expert in interfaith dialogue, states that ultimately all religions have at their core the same system of ethics. To bolster his claim, he might argue that
  29. The goal of religious pluralism is
  30. The largest global religion is


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