QRB 501 Week 6 Signature Assignment Case 1 and 2


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QRB 501 Week 6 Signature Assignment, Case 1 and 2

Case 1. Scenario: Cloud Data Services (CDS), headquartered in Memphis, provides information technology services. Specifically application hosting services in the cloud for several clients in the southern United States. CDS hosts software applications on their network servers. While CDS has achieved great success and customers rate CDS’s services highly, lately, some customers have been complaining about downtime on one of the primary network servers.

Case 2. For the purpose of this case, you need to use the concepts of percentages, percentage increase/decrease. And creating and interpreting line charts to compute the inflation rate in the US economy and determine which time period experienced the highest inflation rate. Follow the steps below to complete this signature assignment:qrb 501 week 6