PSY 255 Quiz 5 – Question and Answers


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PSY 255 Quiz 5 – Question and Answers

  1. The humanistic approach to personality is most similar to
  2. A woman tells a humanistic psychotherapist that she wants to leave an unhappy relationship, but that she can’t. The therapist will probably set as a goal that the woman comes to understand that
  3. A father tells his son that he loves him when the child is good, but says “I do not like you right now” when the child misbehaves. The father is engaging in
  4. According to the humanistic approach, people will be happy when
  5. Which of the following does Rogers blame for our inability to incorporate new information into our self‑concepts?
  6. After a woman has more or less satisfied all of the needs on Maslow’s hierarchy except the last one, what need will now have a strong influence on her behavior?
  7. When Csikszentmihalyi asked people to identify a moment when they felt most alive, participants in his study said that
  8. Which of the following is a Rogerian psychotherapist likely to use during therapy?
  9. Humanistic psychologists maintain each of the following about self‑disclosure except one. Which one?
  10. According to the rule of disclosure reciprocity,
  11. If you had to say you learned something about conversations in this chapter, which of the following would it be?
  12. Research has shown that men and women are more likely to be accepted when they disclose according to appropriate gender roles in society. For men, this means
  13. Your best friend has been in a serious automobile accident. According to research on disclosure of traumatic experiences, you might suggest that your friend
  14. Most researchers define loneliness in terms of
  15. Researchers generally conceive of “self-esteem” as how you feel about yourself. They distinguish this from “self-concept,” which is
  16. Mark often goes to great lengths to avoid situations in which he might look foolish and embarrass himself. He won’t try out for the school play and avoids speaking in front of groups whenever possible. A psychologist might identify Mark as suffering from
  17. According to the humanistic approach, people will be happiest when….
  18. Gratitude is associated with all of the following EXCEPT
  19. A man sitting next to you in your doctor’s waiting room strikes up a conversation with you. Although you do not know this man and don’t reveal much about yourself, he tells you all about some very personal aspects of his life. What might an expert on self‑disclosure research say about this interaction?
  20. Carl Rogers saw what as the main source of pathology?


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