PSY 255 Quiz 4 – Question and Answers


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PSY 255 Quiz 4 – Question and Answers

  1. In Eysenck’s model of personality, which of the following is correct about extraversion-introversion?
  2. Bill Board tends to react very strongly to emotional events. He becomes overly excited and panics when facing even mild stress. Eysenck might say that this man is high on the personality dimension of:
  3. According to Eysenck, the major source of individual differences in personality is:
  4. According to Chess and Thomas’s research on temperaments,
  5. Rose Busch becomes very anxious when she has to give a speech in front of an audience. Advocates of evolutionary personality theory might call this an example of anxiety caused by:
  6. Some psychologists argue that we should use different learning procedures to meet the needs of each student’s temperament. This approach is based on which model?
  7. The twin-study method is used by researchers to get around which methodological problem?
  8. Researchers using the twin-study method take advantage of which naturally occurring phenomenon?
  9. Dr. Pete Moss uses the twin-study method and finds a correlation of +.50 on self-esteem for identical twins, but only a +.30 correlation for fraternal twins. What conclusion might be drawn from these results?
  10. A team of researchers examined where extraverts and introverts sat in the library. Sandy Beach is an extravert. Where will she most likely sit in the library?
  11. A researcher reports that men in this country tend to marry younger women and women tend to marry older men. This finding might be used to support which theory?
  12. According to the evolutionary approach to mate selection, women prefer men who are:
  13. According to evolutionary personality theory, men prefer physically attractive women because
  14. When Billy meets with his therapist, he makes statements showing that he likes to manipulate other people, is a good liar, and always needs immediate gratification. Billy’s disregard for social norms and the feelings of others means that his therapist is most likely to diagnose him with ________ personality disorder.
  15. Kelly is studying for her introductory psychology exam and is struggling to learn the personality disorders. Her roommate helps her by explaining that all of the following disorders are part of the anxious cluster (cluster C) EXCEPT
  16. Mario has always tended to have “love-hate” relationships with people who are close to him and constantly worries about people leaving him. Thus, he smothers them with affection only to feel rejected and disappointed when they back away from this behavior. Mario has threatened to commit suicide several times and most people view him as emotionally unstable. Based on this, Mario might be diagnosed with ________ personality disorder.
  17. Ted, the president of a multimillion-dollar corporation, is charming and intelligent. However, he has an inflated sense of his own power and worth. He recently fired thousands of his employees impulsively and did not feel bad about it at all because he made a lot of money, which is very important to him. Ted is typically very glib and hard-hearted during interpersonal interactions. Ted’s wife is convinced that he has ________ traits.
  18. Mildred is distrusting of the government and is suspicious that it has had her apartment bugged to hear what she is doing when she is at home. Sherry’s odd behavior is consistent with personality disorders in the eccentric cluster, specifically ________ personality disorder.
  19. Which of the following behavioral characteristics would tell you that a friend of yours is experiencing antisocial personality disorder rather than some other personality disorder?
  20. Carl doesn’t usually display any emotions, has no close friends, and has reported that he has no real desire to form close relationships. There are very few things he enjoys doing, and prefers to be alone. What personality disorder would you diagnose Carl with?


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