PSY 115 Psychology of Success Entire Course Week 1 to 11


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PSY 115 Week 1 Discussion, Supporting Your Juggling Act

PSY-115 Week 2 Discussion, What is Success?

PSY 115 Week 3 Assignment 1, Principles of Success Plan: Three Goals (Milestone 1)

PSY-115 Week 3 Discussion, Time Out

PSY-115 Week 4 Discussion, Sleep On It

PSY115 Week 5 Discussion, Multitasking vs. Singletasking

PSY115 Week 6 Discussion, Interleaving for Learning

PSY 115 Week 7 Assignment 2, Principles of Success Plan: The First Three Principles (Milestone 2)

PSY115 Week 7 Discussion, Make It a Habit

PSY-115 Week 8 Discussion, Fixed-Mindset Triggers Top of Form

PSY-115 Week 9 Discussion, Try, Try Again

PSY115 Week 10 Discussion, How You Think About Stress Matters

PSY-115 Week 10 Assignment 3, Final Principles of Success Plan

PSY115 Week 11 Discussion, ReflectionPSY 115 Psychology of Success