POLI 330N Week 4 Quiz 1 – Question and Answers


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POLI 330N Week 4 Quiz 1 – Question and Answers

  1. (TCO 3) Explain which individuals have the most influence on politics via interest groups.
  2. (TCO 3) What U.S. groups that are underrepresented by interest groups took to the street in inner-city riots in the 1960s, thus demonstrating what a group or groups might do when they cannot express their grievances through legitimate channels?
  3. (TCO 3) Bureaucracies have become big and powerful, developing _____ of their own.
  4. (TCO 3) When interest groups approach the _____, they may not be in need of or want of a new law, but merely favorable interpretation of existing rules and regulations.
  5. (TCO 3) Large parties in particular can be analyze as _____.
  6. (TCO 3) Why does proportional representation (PR) allow and even encourage parties to split?
  7. (TCO 3) Which of the following is an advantage to having less powerful, less centralized parties?
  8. (TCO 3) Why do Americans vote so little?
  9. (TCO 3) Describe the impact of education on those who vote. poli 330n week 4 quiz
  10. (TCO 3) _____ regions may harbor economic and cultural resentments at being ruled by a distant capital.


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