POLI 330N Week 4 CO Assessment, Discussion, Quiz


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POLI 330N Week 4 CO Assessment

  1. (TCO 3) From your own research, what interest group did you find? Please list its name and website information.
  2. (TCO 3) From your own research, list three important pieces of information that give us a picture of what your interest group believes.
  3. (TCO 3) From your own research, describe a specific policy action your group desires.
  4. (TCO 3) From your own research, whom does this group lobby most, or most effectively? For example, is there a political party or certain congressional representatives who seem to get more of its attention, money, or information? Which committees and subcommittees would it particularly lobby?
  5. (TCO 3) From your congress.gov research, what is the title of the legislation (include its origination or appropriate numbers)?
  6. (TCO 3) From your congress.gov research, who are its key sponsors and their party affiliation?
  7. (TCO 3) From your congress.gov research, what is its current status within Congress?
  8. (TCO 3) From your congress.gov research, describe briefly your personal reaction to this legislation. Do you think it will pass and do you think it should pass? Why? (Two to three sentences are required.)
POLI 330N Week 4 Discussion 1: Political Parties and Interest Groups

We continually hear about interest groups in the news. Understanding this, what is the relationship between interest groups and government? How does this apply to government-created interest groups? In addition, what are the effects of bureaucrats as interest groups? Do you believe this crossover between bureaucrats and interest groups to be right? Please be sure to provide specific examples in your response.

POLI 330N Week 4 Discussion 2: Elections

Compare and contrast single-member districts and proportional representation (PR). How effective is each electoral system in representing its people’s interests? How do they support the party systems around which they arose?

POLI 330N Week 4 Quiz (3 Versions)
  1. (TCO 3) What group or groups do interest groups over represent?
  2. (TCO 3) The National Rifle Association is an example of an interest group that seeks the support of primarily one party, in that it tilts strongly toward _____ candidates.
  3. (TCO 3) Bureaucracies have become big and powerful, developing _____ of their own.
  4. (TCO 3) When interest groups approach the _____, they may not be in need of or want of a new law, but merely favorable interpretation of existing rules and regulations.
  5. (TCO 3) Which of the following is a function of political parties?
  6. (TCO 3) The American electoral system is based on the British “first past the post” (FPTP) system, named so because _____.
  7. (TCO 3) Today’s voters tend to be _____ loyal to their parties compared to the past.
  8. (TCO 3) What do you think might be a side effect of or a cause of nations with very high voter turnout having that level of turnout?
  9. (TCO 3) What impact does beginning to pay taxes have on young people’s relationship to voting?
  10. (TCO 3) _____ regions may harbor economic and cultural resentments at being ruled by a distant capital.

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