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POL 300 Week 8 Discussion, Coping with Terrorism

The use of packet sniffers by employees is forbidden in many organizations. Provide your opinion as to whether or not you agree with this policy. Justify your response.

Provide one (1) example of a situation where the use of a packet sniffer might be justified. Explain why you believe it would be okay to use a packet sniffer in this situation.

POL 300 Week 8 Discussion, The Rise of China

“Let China sleep,” warned Napoleon, “for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” Napoleon’s prediction is now coming true, as China’s economic growth has helped aid in its climb to power.

Describe the principal effects of China’s increasing prosperity on U.S.– China relations.

Explain whether you believe the rise of China as a superpower will positively or negatively affect the U.S. Explain your answer.

POL300 Week 8 Quiz (10 Question and Answers)pol 300 week 8


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