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POL 300 Week 4 Discussion, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

For thousands of years, up to the 20th century, the land of Palestine was a homeland for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. In the 20th century, the British got involved in the Middle East in several ways, culminating in the attempt to make Palestine a “homeland” for European Jews. Before you respond to this week’s discussion questions, visit and review the ProCon.org Website about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at http://israelipalestinian.procon.org/. It is one of the most thorough, unbiased, and detailed sites on the subject.

Hypothesize why one might feel hopeful about the future of the conflict. If there is no reason to feel hopeful, explain why.

Based on your readings in Roskin and on your familiarity with current events. Speculate on the probable future of the dispute. Be sure to address different points than covered in your first response.

POL 300 Week 4 Quiz (Question and Answers)pol 300 week 4


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