POL 300 Assignment 2, Current Events and US Diplomacy


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POL 300 Assignment 2, Current Events and US Diplomacy

A U.S. Presidential doctrine comprises the key goals, attitudes, or stances for the United States foreign affairs outlined by the President.Usually, a president would like to announce a doctrine to achieve a strategy for a particular country or region to achieve the United States ‘ key goals. The Kennedy Doctrine refers to foreign policy initiatives geared towards Flexible Response of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of The United States (whitehouse.gov).

Due to the Cuban Missile Crisis concerning Latin America during his time in office as president, the Flexible Response was…….. The president has voiced his opinion on several occasions against communism and guerrilla warfare. The doctrine of unconventional warfare provided flexibility to avoid a nuclear disaster. Some people even think that it had completely averted the possibility of a Third World War.President Kennedy ……………Continued (08 Pages with References)

pol 300 assignment 2pol 300 assignment 2


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