POL 300 Assignment 1, Cold War & US Diplomacy – John F Kennedy


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POL 300 Assignment 1, The Cold War and US Diplomacy – John F Kennedy

Summarize a situation that required U.S. diplomatic efforts during the president’s time in office. Explicate the diplomatic doctrine the president followed, with reference to specific actions or events that occurred. Describe the effects of these diplomatic efforts for the U.S. and other countries. Assess, in conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of the particular doctrine that was followed.

The doctrine I chose is “Respond flexibly to communist expansion, especially to guerrilla warfare.” From John F. Kennedy.

The United States and Soviet Union had allied against Nazi Germany during World War II. However, the alliance came to a halt as soon as the war in Europe ended. Many tensions were apparent in July during the Potsdam Conference, where the Allies negotiated the joint occupation of Germany. The Soviet Union was ….to have a buffer zone between its borders and Western Europe………..Continued (05 Pages with References)

pol 300 assignment 1

pol 300 assignment 1


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