POL 300 Assignment 1, Cold War & Presidential Doctrine, The Reagan


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POL 300 Assignment 1, The Cold War and Presidential Doctrine – The Reagan Doctrine

There are many milestones that have been set by the presidential doctrines in the history of U.S. politics and its policy. Different U.S. Presidents throughout numerous periods of history have been able to set those milestones. These were based in their interest of foreign affairs with the U.S. The presidential doctrines were able to establish key goals and stances related with the foreign affairs of the U.S. Since presidential doctrine refers to a more consistently applied ideology in foreign policy. Most of the presidential doctrines have been related to the Cold War. Among the many such doctrines, the doctrine ….by President Ronald Reagan is consider to be a significant one in the history of U.S ………….Continued (07 Pages with References)

pol 300 assignment 1

pol 300 assignment 1


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