PHI 445 Personal and Organizational Ethics Week 1 to 5


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PHI 445 Personal and Organizational Ethics Assignment, Journal, Quiz, Final

Week 1

Journal, Ethical Theories (Not for Profit and Profit Organization

Discussion Question 1, Psychological Egoism, Selfishness and Values

Discussion Question 2, Self Interest or Community Interest

PHI 445 Week 1 Quiz (02 Sets)

Week 2

Journal, Company Profile (Not-for-profit and For Profit)

Discussion Question 1, Puffery and Deceptive

Discussion Question 2, Unintentional Discrimination

Week 2 Quiz (02 Sets)

Week 3

Assignment, Annotated Bibliography

Journal, Analyzing for ethical dispositions and beliefs

Discussion Question 1, Berle and Mean Theory

Discussion Question 2, Child Labor

Week 3 Quiz (02 Sets)

Week 4

Journal, Key Ethical Problems faced by companies and creating solutions

Discussion Question 1, Power Station Cost Benefit Analysis

Discussion Question 2, Portfolio Analysis

Week 4 Quiz (Two Sets)

Week 5

Final Paper Case Study, Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values

Discussion Question 1, Federal Domain

Discussion Question 2, Testing on Animals