PAD 530 Assignment 4, Analysis of Agency Policies, Procedures, Plans


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PAD 530 Week 9 Assignment 4, Analysis of the Agency Policies, Procedures, and Plans – Unions, Privatization, Pensions and Productivity, Part 4

The establishment of Federal bureau of investigation criminal justice information services security addendum is to augment the CJIS Security Policy to ensure adequate security is provided for criminal justice systems while (1) under the control or management of a private entity or (2) connectivity to FBI CJIS Systems has been provided to a private entity (contractor). The intent of this Security Addendum is to require that the Contractor maintain a security program consistent with federal and state laws, regulations, and standards (including the CJIS Security Policy in effect when the contract is executed), as well as with policies and standards established by the Criminal Justice Information Services ………………Continued