PAD 510 Week 8 Assignment 3 Position Paper


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PAD 510 Week 8 Assignment 3 Position Paper (Continued research by Assignment 1, 2 about US Foreign Policy on Iraq)

Based on normative arguments, America should require a new strategy–not merely to prosecute a series of crimes, but to conduct a global campaign against the terror network. The US has significantly strengthened defenses at home, organizing the government to protect the homeland. But a good defense is not enough. They are going after the terrorists wherever they plot and plan.

Actually, it comes down to a choice between action that assures America security and inaction that allows dangers to grow. And we can see the consequences of these choices in real events. The contrast is greatest on the ground in Iraq. Had the United States been constrained by the objections of some, the regime of Saddam Hussein would still rule Iraq, his statues would still stand, and his sons would still be running the secret police. Dissidents would still be in prison, the apparatus of torture and rape would still be in place, and the mass graves would be undiscovered…………..

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