PAD 510 Week 6 Assignment 2 Analyzing the Policy


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PAD 510 Week 6 Assignment 2, The Concept of Ethical Obligations

PAD 510 Week 6 Assignment 2: There… CIA Director George Tenet, among which were the violations of national and international human right policies. He was also faced withthe ethical dilemma of beinghonest to his colleagues, more so hisfield officers, and mostsignificantly the entirenation. All along he knewthat thestatements about SaddamHussein and chemical weaponswere false, but he wentalong with them and cost Americanfamilies over fourthousand lives. His mediation talks between former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was an ethical concern.
Some people within the government did not think it was right for the tenet to play such a significant role, and it caused doubts in his cabinet and the administration.   Healso had ethical dilemmas of loyalty; he started ignoring his field officers foundations and went for ………….


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