NUNP 6551 Final Exam – Question and Answers


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NUNP 6551 Final Exam – Question and Answers

  1. Qualitative urine testing for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) can be done reliably ________ days after implantation of the blastocyst (fertilized egg).
  2. Betsy is breastfeeding and complaints of tenderness of the nipples all the time.
  3. Heather, who is 5 weeks pregnant, is nauseous. She asks you how long this will last. You tell her nausea usually disappears by the
  4. All except which of the following are important historical questions for a 29-year-old woman in clinic for right-sided weakness?
  5. A 19-year-old pregnant patient, at 20 weeks gestation, complains of pain in the right lower quadrant. She is afebrile and denies nausea and vomiting. The most likely diagnosis is
  6. It is imperative that the nurse practitioner teach patients taking an oral contraceptive to report any of the danger signs of complications. Which of the following would be of least concern to the nurse practitioner?
  7. Aida, who is 29 weeks pregnant, received a blunt trauma to the abdomen during an argument with her boyfriend. She has no obvious injuries and denies pain. Aida needs to be monitored for the occurrence of
  8. What distinguishes pyelonephritis from cystitis?
  9. During nursery rounds, you examine a 12-hour-old newborn. The infant has a yellow tint to the skin and sclera. What lab test will you order to further evaluate this infant?
  10. Which of the following diseases is not acquired transplancentally?
  11. The treatment(s) with demonstrated effectiveness relieving symptoms of dysmenorrhea in women with premenstrual syndrome is (are):
  12. What has changed in terms of recommended antibiotic treatment for uncomplicated lower UTIs?
  13. In evaluating a mother-and-infant breastfeeding situation, signs of an effective latch at the breast are nunp 6551 final exam
  14. Which of the following instructions should be ….in the discharge teaching plan to assist the postpartal woman in recognizing early signs of complications?
  15. Which of the following should be …. by the pregnant woman who is constipated?
  16. A 19-year-old sexually active female is being ….. by the nurse practitioner about contraception. The nurse practitioner is accurate when she tells the patient that a diaphragm.
  17. Heger’s sign, a physiological sign of pregnancy, is
  18. Susie, who is 16 weeks pregnant, is having mild cramps with persistent and excessive bleeding. Upon examination, you find that some portion of the products of conception (placental) remain in the uterus, but the fetus has been expelled. What type of abortion is Susie having?
  19. The best way for a pregnant woman to avoid injury to herself and her fetus in the event of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) is to
  20. What is the general goal of surgical treatment for stress UI?
  21. To prevent breast trauma during the breastfeeding, the nurse practitioner should stress the importance of
  22. Optimal weight gain during pregnancy is based on the woman’s prepregnant BMI and:
  23. Samantha, who has genital herpes, just found out that she is pregnant. Although she has not had a recurrence in years, she states that she has heard that genital herpes might cause a spontaneous abortion. You know that genital herpes
  24. Nelda is breastfeeding her 6-week-old daughter. She comes today with pain, a lump in her right breast, and flu-like symptoms. You see that the breast is engorged, erythematous, and warm to the touch. Her temperature is 101.8°F. Your diagnosis is:
  25. Marci has had several abortions in the past and has been unable to carry a pregnancy to full term because of an incompetent cervix. She states that the physician mentioned cerclage to her and asks you what that means. You tell her that cerclage is:
  26. When evaluating Marge during her first obstetric visit, you assess the shape of her pelvis. While drawing her a picture of her android-type pelvis, you explain that it has: nunp 6551 final exam
  27. A 45-year-old patient voices concern about her hot flashes and irregular menstral periods. What diagnostic test would the nurse practitioner order to confirm the beginning of menopause?
  28. Which of the following laboratory tests is useful in the diagnosis of spontaneous abortion?
  29. The reason most often cited to explain why women who have had a usual length of stay and normal delivery discontinue breastfeeding before 8 weeks postpartum is:
  30. Lynn comes to the clinic for her initial prenatal visit. Based on her menstral history, the client is at 9 weeks’ gestation and is …. to have an ultrasound for estimation of the gestational age of the fetus. Which fetal measurement is the best indicator of gestational age at this time?
  31. What is a common cause of leg cramps during pregnancy?
  32. A 15-year-old pregnant patient presents for her first prenatal visit. On physical examination, her uterus is approximately 24-week gestation size. She does not know when her last menstrual period was or when she might have conceived. Gestational age for this patient can most accurately be assess by:
  33. What is the most common disorder leading to hyperthyroidism?
  34. Margie, who has been breastfeeding for 4 weeks, has mastitis in her right breast and is taking Dixcloxacillin. She asks you what she needs to do about feeding the baby. You respond
  35. What is the minimum number of cafe-au-lait spot that should be of concern?
  36. An autosomal recessive disorder such as cystic fibrosis is ….in the offspring when:
  37. A 25-year-old obese female has a history of frequent candida vaginal infections in the past year. She is in a monogamous sexual relationship and uses and intrauterine device (IUD) for contraception. Of the following, which is the most likely underlying condition predisposing her to recurring candida vaginitis?
  38. Glenda gave birth to Jack 4 weeks ago. Her postpartum course was …. by an intrauterine infection that was successfully ….with antibiotics. Today Glenda calls the office because Jack has white patches on his tongue and gums. She is concerned that her milk has become “sour” and is causing the white patches in Jack’s mouth. Based on these data, what diagnosis do you expect for Jack?
  39. Sandra, who is 5 months pregnant and of average height and weight, asks you how many extra calories she should be adding to her diet per day. You tell her to add:
  40. A 24-year-old female insists of having a screening mammogram. Upon further questioning, the nurse practitioner discovers the patient is concerned about breast cancer because her mother has fibrocystic breast disease. The nurse practitioner would be accurate if she tells the patient that the major risk factor for development of breast cancer in women is: nunp 6551 final exam
  41. What do current theories suggest as to how cranberry products can reduce UTIs?
  42. When is round ligament pain most likely to occur in pregnant women?
  43. Kim states that she has heard many old wives’ tales of harmful things during pregnancy. Which of the following is harmful late in pregnancy?
  44. NSAID use during pregnancy has been ….to which condition in newborns?
  45. Allie, who has asthma, just found out that she is pregnant. She is wondering whether she should continue taking her asthma medications. Which of the following is true regarding asthma and pregnancy?
  46. Carbohydrate intolerance and increase insulin resistance first recognized in pregnancy is …..:
  47. What is consider to be a common trigger of psoriasis?
  48. The drug of choice for the pregnant woman with diabetes is
  49. Which of the following antibiotics is the best choice for acute pyelonephritis when it occurs during the seventh month of pregnancy?
  50. Screening for hyperlipidemia is … begin at what age for women with no risk factors?


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