NSG 6435 Week 2 Knowledge Check


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NSG 6435 Week 2 Quiz South University

  1. Which of the following is considered a developmental red flag?
  2. What would be the most likely weight of a 1-year-old child whose weight at birth was 7 pounds?
  3. The pincer grasp is a fine motor skill that involves the ability to pick up a small object such as cold cereal, with the thumb and forefinger. When is this usually mastered?
  4. The nurse practitioner is completing an examination of an 11-year-old female. It is noted during inspection that there is an appearance of breast buds. Which of the following would most likely occur in approximately 2 years?
  5. When reviewing immunization protocols at your clinic, the nurse practitioner should be aware that the varicella vaccine can be administered at what age?


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