NSG 6001 Week 2 Quiz – Question and Answers


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NSG 6001 Week 2 Knowledge Check

  1. A patient develops a dry, non-productive cough and is diagnosed with bronchitis. Several days later, the cough becomes productive with mucoid sputum. What may be prescribe to help with symptoms?
  2. A primary care provider is performing a Tzanck test to evaluate possible herpes simplex lesions. To attain accurate results, the provider will:
  3. A primary care provider notes painless, hard lesions on a patient’s external ears that expel a white crystalline substance when pressed. What diagnostic test is ….?
  4. A patient reports persistent nasal blockage, nasal discharge and facial pain lasting on the right side for the past 4 months. There is no history of sneezing or eye involvement. The patient has a history of seasonal allergies and takes a non-sedating antihistamine. What does the provider suspect is the cause of these symptoms? nsg 6001 week 2
  5. A patient reports painful oral lesions 3 days after feeling pain and tingling in the mouth. The provider notes vesicles and ulcerative lesions on the buccal mucosa. What is the most likely cause of these symptoms?


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