NSG 5003 Week 9 Knowledge Check Quiz


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NSG 5003 Week 9 Knowledge Check Quiz

  1. A 52-year-old man is admitted into the hospital, awaiting a cervical spinal fusion after suffering from an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident. His chief complaint is neck pain and numbness and tingling in his fingers. Concern exists that he has suffered from some injury to his spinal cord. During the surgical procedure, the physicians order an examination to detect electrical brain activity resulting from a stimulus to detect sensory pathway integrity.
  2. Several months ago, young woman fell while rock climbing; her left leg was wedge tightly into a crevice. The resulting injury was severe and …..amputation below the knee. She reported to her physician that she continues to suffer from phantom limb pain. The theory that best explains this type of pain is:
  3. A psychiatrist is seeing a young man in his late teens after his mother notes changes in her son’s behavior. For the past 6 months, the young man has become enthralled with a specific television show, believing that the host is specifically directing information to him. As the son walks in, the physician notes that the young man’s personal hygiene has been neglected. The psychiatrist talks to the son and notes that he repeatedly uses the same phrases throughout the conversation. An initial diagnosis of schizophrenia is made. The most common symptoms in schizophrenia are: nsg 5003 week 9
  4. The young man’s mother discusses the issues that concern her as she cares for her son. She expresses feelings of stress and hopelessness and suffers from insomnia. These are characteristic of:
  5. An ultrasound shows a child of approximately 29 weeks’ gestation with an apparent posterior neural tube defect. An absence of amniotic fluid is evident, suggesting a prior rupture of membranes. The child is diagnose with a thoracic myelomeningocele and is surgically ….within 24 hours of delivery.nsg 5003 week 9 quiz


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