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NRS 451VN Week 1 Assignment, Professional Resume and Cover Letter (Two Versions)

Write an introductory cover letter of no more than 500 words in which you explain your professional objectives, professional interests, and strengths as an applicant.

Create a resume detailing your license(s), earned degree(s), certification(s), professional experiences, previous positions held. Membership in professional organizations, publications, and skills.
Both the cover letter and resume should … formally written using a professionally accepted format. Review “Resume Resources,” located at for for examples of approved formats; however, other professional templates may … used.

NRS 451VN Week 1 Topic 1: Discussion Question 1Based on the scientific management theory, what are some of the routines in health care that seem to be inefficient? What examples of participative decision making exist in your workplace?

NRS451VN Week 1 Topic 1: Discussion Question 2: Describe how the concepts of leadership and management differ from each other. In what areas do they overlap? Explain how the goals of management and leadership may sometimes overlap. As a nurse leader, do you believe you can expand your influence to create change by taking advantage of this overlap?nrs 451vn week 1