NRS 410V Pathophysiology & Nursing Management of Clients’ Health



NRS 410V Week 1

Assignment, Assess your Knowledge of Foundational Concepts (Two Versions)

Mandatory Discussion Question, Case Scenario, Ms. G

NRS 410V Week 2

Assignment, Approach to Care for Cancer (American Cancer Society) – Two Versions

Mandatory Discussion Question, The American Cancer Society

NRS410V Week 3

Assignment, Case Study – Anemia Paper – Two Versions

Assignment, Case Study – Managing Congestive Heart Failure

Mandatory Discussion Question, Case Scenario Mrs. J

NRS410V Week 4

CLC Assignment, Home Visit with Sallie Mae Fisher

Mandatory Discussion Question, Chest X-Ray

NRS410V Week 5

Assignment, Evidence-Based Practice Project-Intervention on Diabetes Presentation

Benchmark Assignment, Evidence-Based Practice Project – Intervention Management for Young Adults with Type 2 Diabetes – Two Papers

Mandatory Discussion Question, Case Scenario: Mr. Cnrs 410v entire course

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NRS 410V Pathophysiology and Nursing Management of Clients’ Health
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