NR 630 Week 5 Assignment, Capstone Preview – Bullying


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NR 630 Week 5 Capstone Preview – Bullying

Bullying is a topic that is s… every institution from the time a child starts school all the way through adulthood. University Medical Center (UMC), in Lubbock Texas, is no different. On our newly implemented Human Resource (HR) exit surveys, UMC has seen several instances where staff bullying was mentioned as reasons staff had decided to leave the hospital. Bullying in the workplace is ….as behavior that is threatening, humiliating, intimidating. This can interfere with or prevent work. Verbal abuse, or mistreatment of one or multiple persons, by one or multiple offenders. Bullying can lead to low job satisfaction and higher turnover rates (Coetzee & Van Dyk, 2018). Workplace bullying is an issue that UMC is currently dealing with. It has shown to impact the practice setting with the employee comments on exit survey’s and employee satisfaction surveys……..(09 Pages with References)

nr 630 week 5 assignmentnr 630 week 5


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