NR 630 Learning Agreement Week 1, 4 and 7


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NR 630 Learning Agreement Week 1, 4 and 7

For Week 1, fill out the learning agreement with self-identified goals to meet course outcomes and initial plans to meet those self-identified goals; review the goals and plans with mentor.  In Week 4 the goals, plan to meet the goals and actual goal attained is to be identified and submitted.  At Week 7 of the practicum experience, evaluate success with your mentor and obtain the mentor’s signature at the bottom of agreement. Save this form as a Word document and enter required information directly onto it. See Learning Agreement Grading Rubric for grading details

The learning agreement is to be ……Weeks 1, 4, and 7

Learning agreement consists of three sections:

  1. Student Learning Outcomes Table
  2. Signatures approving plan (Week 1)
  3. Signatures-at mid-point (Week 4)
  4. Signatures and mentor verification (Week 7)

nr 630 learning agreementnr 630 learning agreement


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