NR 552 Week 6 Assignment, Healthcare Topic Debate Presentation


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NR 552 Week 6 Assignment, Free Markets: Promoting Quality and Innovation in Medicine

This assignment will be a PowerPoint presentation to debate healthcare policy related to topics affecting nursing. All debate topics and sides of the policy must be represented. It is important for nurses to have knowledge of all sides of issues affecting nursing and patient outcomes so it is not important which side you receive. During Week 7, you will be able to review both sides and make a decision on where you actually stand on the issue.

  • Negotiate debate topic with faculty based on the assigned reading articles listed below. Negotiate with faculty which side of the debate you will present.

Buerhaus, P. I. (2010). Is U. S. health care evolving toward a single-payer system? An 
interview with health care economist Paul Feldstein, PhD. Nursing Economics, 
28(3), 198-201.

Debate Topic #1: (side A) free market healthcare system versus (side B) government regulated single payer system

Elgie, R. (2007). Politics, economics, and nursing shortages: a critical look at United 
States government policies. Nursing Economics, 25(5), 285-292.

Debate Topic #2: (side A) free market without government interventions versus (side B) government intervention and subsidies

Hendrich, A., Chow, M. P., & Goshert, W. S. (2009). A proclamation for change 
transforming the hospital patient care environment. The Journal of Nursing 
Administration (JONA), 39(6), 266-275.

Debate Topic #3: (side A) increased registered nurse staffing versus (side B) maintain current staffing and utilize methods to increase efficiency
  1. Investigate the policy related to the debate topic.
  2. Provide an overview of the topic and policy related to the topic.
  3. Describe the social, political, and economic forces influencing the policy.
  4. Support the enactment of this policy based on impact to nursing practice.
  5. ……. on impact to patient outcomes.
  6. Support the enactment of this policy based on impact to finances/costs.
  7. The presentation is to be 5-7 slides in length excluding title and reference slides.
  8. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing and APA format as expressed in the 6th edition
  9. Include a minimum of three scholarly resources published within the past 5 years not including your textbook and assigned reading articles. References may include scholarly websites of organizations or government agencies and must be presented using APA format for electronic 552 week 6 assignment