NR 511 Midterm Exam – Possible Question and Answers


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NR 511 Midterm Exam – Possible Question and Answers

  1. If you suspect diverticulitis, you can treat with abx alone. No imaging is necessary.
  2. It is safe to use laxatives long-term for the treatment of constipation.
  3. According to the American Cancer Society guidelines, African Americans with no other risk factors for colon cancer should begin routine colon cancer screening at age 45.
  4. In ulcerative colitis, typical symptoms include abdominal cramping, fever, anorexia, wt loss, spasm, flatulence, and RLQ pain or mass. Stools may contain blood, mucous, and/or pus.
  5. In diverticulitis, typical symptoms include bleeding, cramping pain, and the urge to defecate. Stools are characteristically watery diarrhea with blood and mucus.
  6. In diverticulitis, typical symptoms include LLQ pain and tenderness, fever, change in bowel habits (usually diarrhea), and sometimes nausea/vomiting.
  7. Acute gastroenteritis is the most common cause of nausea and vomiting.
  8. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea do not usually occur together in acute gastroenteritis.
  9. The most common pathogen responsible for acute gastroenteritis is bacterial.
  10. If a person presents to the office with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which of the following would prompt you to order stool studies?
  11. Which of the following would be an appropriate treatment for prophylaxis or treatment of traveler’s diarrhea?
  12. The history is the most important part of the visit for a patient with complaint of a hearing disorder.
  13. Meniere’s disease is diagnoses of exclusion.
  14. The majority of TM ruptures will heal themselves.
  15. Age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) is classified as which type of hearing loss?
  16. The triad of symptoms associated with Meniere’s disease include _____.
  17. The most common bacterial cause of pharyngitis or tonsillitis is from Group _____ Hemolytic Streptococcus.
  18. Which are not findings associate with mononucleosis?
  19. Name the four clinical features suggestive of bacterial pharyngitis (Centor criteria)
  20. A red tongue with enlarged papillae, sometimes seen with strep throat is _____ tongue
  21. Patients with > 3 Centor criteria can be empirically diagnose with GABHS and treat without further testing.
  22. Empiric treatment of asymptomatic household contacts o patients with acute GABHS pharyngitis is …..
  23. Doxycycline is an alternative for patients with GABHS pharyngitis who are allergic to PCN.
  24. Patients with mononucleosis who develop an erythematous, macular rash after taking amoxicillin for pharyngitis should be … having a PCN allergy.
  25. Which is (are) a symptom(s) of peritonsillar abscess?
  26. The most common cause of viral laryngitis is _____.
  27. Fluorescein staining is a method use to differentiate the types of conjunctivitis.
  28. Poison ivy is contagious and can be spread from touching the affected area.
  29. Treatment for nonfluctuant abscess should include incision and drainage (I&D).
  30. Which is NOT treatment for warts?
  31. Tinea corporis is found on the:
  32. Tinea pedis is found on the:
  33. Patients should be refer to a dermatologist for treatment of acne with Accutane.
  34. What are the characteristics of nuclear cataracts?
  35. What are the characteristics of cortical cataracts?
  36. Treatment of moderate acne may include the use of topical and oral antibiotic with a retinoid.
  37. How is an appropriate differential develop?
  38. Tinea unguium is found on the:
  39. Tinea cruris is found on the:
  40. Assessing for prior antibiotic use is a critical part of the history in pt’s presenting with diarrhea.
  41. What is the most common cause of acute n/v?
  42. What is the importance of obtaining an abdominal XR to rule out perforation or obstruction even though the diagnosis of diverticulitis can be made clinically?
  43. The majority of dyspnea complaints are due to cardiac or pulmonary decompensation.
  44. What are the characteristics of posterior cataracts? nr 511 midterm exam
  45. What are colon cancer screening recommendations relative to certain populations?
  46. Assessing for prior antibiotic use is a critical part of the history in pt’s presenting with diarrhea.
  47. Norovirus is the most common virus responsible for acute gastroenteritis


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