NR 505 Advanced Research Methods Entire Course


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NR 505 Week 1

Threaded Discussion: Identification of Area of Interest

NR 505 Week 2 Assignment: Refinement of Nursing Issue into Research

Threaded Discussion: PICOT/PICo and practice questions

NR-505 Week 3 Assignment: Research Critique Table, Framework, Model & NIH Certification

Threaded Discussion: Elements of Quantitative Research – Design & Sampling

NR505 Week 4 Assignment: Research Literature, Design & Sampling

Threaded Discussion: Qualitative Design and Sampling

NR-505 Week 5 Assignment: Data Collection Methodology and Analysis

Threaded Discussion: Data Collection

NR505 Week 6 Assignment: Completing the MSN Evidence-based Practice Proposal

Threaded Discussion: Statistical and Clinical Significance

NR-505 Week 7 Threaded Discussion: Exploring Research Results

NR505 Week 8 Assignment: Professional Presentation of Project
Threaded Discussion: Future Use of Evidence-Based Practicenr 505 grand canyon