NR 451 Capstone Course Week 1 to 8


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NR 451 Week 1 Discussion Question, Types of Nursing Models and Frameworks of EBP

NR451 Week 2 Discussion Question, The Clinical Question

NR 451 Week 3 Capstone Project Milestone 1: Practice Issue and Evidence Summary
Discussion Question, Feasibility of Your Design Proposal & Importance of Communication

NR451 Week 4 Capstone Project Milestone 2: Design for Change Proposal
Discussion Question, Evaluating Quality Patient Outcomes

NR451 Week 5 Discussion Question, Core Competencies for Nurses

NR451 Week 6 Capstone Project Milestone 3: Educating Staff – Implementing Change (PowerPoint)

Discussion Question, Implementing Change Despite Resistance

NR451 Week 7 Discussion Question, Affordable Care Act from the White House

NR451 Week 8 Discussion Question, The Future of Affordable, Safe, and Quality Healthcarenr 451 entire course

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