NR 361 Information Systems in Healthcare Week 1 to 8


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NR 361 Information Systems in Healthcare Assignment, Discussion Question

NR 361 Week 1

Discussion 1, Moving Data to Wisdom

Discussion 2, AACN Essentials Self-Assessment Results

NR361 Week 2

NR361 Week 2 Assignment, Patient Guide to the WWW Presentation

Discussion 1, Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems

NR-361 Week 3

Discussion 1, Opportunities for Improvement with Usability and Interoperability

Discussion 2, Library Search for Telenursing Resources

NR361 Week 4

NR361 Week 4 Assignment, Telenursing Is It in My Future

Discussion 1, Meaningful Use in Your Workplace

Discussion 2, Your Patient Has a Personal Health Record

NR-361 Week 5

Discussion 1, Using Nursing Knowledge to Apply Nursing Theory to Practice

Discussion 2, Healthcare Delivery and Access

NR361 Week 6

NR361 Week 6 Assignment, Interview with Nursing Information Expert

Discussion 1, Legal Regulation of Nursing

Discussion 2, Ethics, Standards, and Implementation

NR-361 Week 7

Discussion 1, Use of Personal Communication Devices in Patient Care Settings

Discussion 2, The Use of Mobile Devices to Exchange PHI Triggers the HIPAA Security Rule

NR361 Week 8

Discussion 1, Safe Nursing Care – Is There an App for That

Discussion 2, Reflective and Projected Practicenr 361 entire course