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NR 351 Week 4 Scholarly Paper Phase 1 (Spiritual Wellness)

NR 351 Week 4 Scholarly Paper Phase 1 (Three good Things)

NR351 Week 4 Discussion 1, Nursing Roles in Quality Improvement

Errors in the workplace are inevitable; however, healthcare professionals must always practice with a First Do No Harm attitude and be proactive in alleviating mistakes. Creating a just culture is one strategy that has been proven to be effective in improving patient safety by encouraging nurses to learn from each others’ mistakes Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2010 (as cited in Shepard, 2011). In this discussion, please answer the following questions

How do nurses promote patient safety and improve quality at your workplace? How do you report errors and near misses? What changes would you suggest be …..on your unit or facility to improve a nonpunitive culture of safety?


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