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MKT 571 Final Exam 2018

  1. __________ divides the market into units such as nations, states, regions, cities, or neighborhoods
  2. A company that interacts with its customers to get product ideas should:​
  3. __________ is a period in a typical product life cycle characterized by rapid market acceptance and significant profit improvement.
  4. A fundamental and distinctive mode of expression that appears in a field of human endeavor is called a __________.
  5. __________ is the first step a firm should take while setting the price for a product.​
  6. In which of the following stages of a product life cycle are profits nonexistent?
  7. Fashion Vista Designers, a firm that sells designer clothes, has outlets in four countries. In each country, it offers clothes that suit the climatic conditions of the country and match the cultural sensibilities of the local population. The marketing department of Fashion Vista often releases advertisements that show regional celebrities endorsing the company’s products. In this scenario, which of the following types of market segmentation does Fashion Vista employ
  8. When marketers combine an existing brand with a new brand, the product is called a __________.​
  9. The __________ encompasses the actors engaged in producing, distributing, and promoting a product or a service
  10. Which of the following best describes the term product system?​
  11. __________ refers to a marketing strategy in which a firm tries to cater to all customer groups with all the products they might require.​
  12. A firm should use undifferentiated marketing to promote its products when
  13. __________ seeks to create brand awareness among consumers and communicate to them about new products or new features of existing products.​
  14. The width of a company’s product mix refers to mkt 571 final exam
  15. Entities that assist in the distribution process of a product but neither take title to goods nor engage in the negotiation of purchases or sales are called __________.​
  16. Which of the following measures reflects the short-term results of a firm’s marketing efforts?​
  17. The marketing department of StyleWheel Inc., a manufacturer of luxury cars, initiates intensive marketing efforts prior to the launch of a new model. Three months into the launch of the new model, the department decides to assess the short-term effects of its marketing activities. Which of the following is a reliable measure of performance for this purpose?​
  18. A customer-focused __________ presents a strong, convincing reason why the target market should purchase a product or service.​
  19. Which of the following statements is true of a sharing economy?​
  20. Which of the following statements is true of personal communications channels?​
  21. __________ refers to the capacity to satisfy humanity’s needs without harming future generations
  22. In the context of the value chain, __________ is a primary activity that involves bringing materials into the business.
  23. Business markets differ from consumer markets in that: mkt 571 final exam
  24. The __________ refers to the core business process in which an organization researches, develops, and introduces novel, high-quality products quickly and within the firm’s budget.​
  25. __________ is the process of maximizing customer loyalty by cautiously handling ……information about customers and all customer touch points.​
  26. Which of the following is a difference between business markets and consumer markets?​
  27. Which of the following statements is true of fads?​
  28. __________ refers to the activity of designing a company’s product and image so that they occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market.​
  29. __________ is one of the methods used to develop ideas for a new product in which each feature of an existing product is noted and modifiedmkt 571 final exam answers