MKT 310 Week 8 Assignment 2, Developing, Managing & Operating Retail


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MKT 310 Week 8 Assignment 2, Developing, Managing, and Operating a Retail Business

The business that we were concerned with was Target Retailing Corporation. It is a retailing business that is grabbing success since 1962 when its first store came into limelight. The assignment that was previously discussed had covered social media and networking techniques that Target Corporation is utilizing to maintain strong bond between customers, corporations and suppliers. It had discussed some social networking modes that Target is utilizing today and some techniques that it had utilized in twentieth century. Besides that, research had looked upon non-traditional forms of retailing and innovative methods to institute perfect business practices.

The retailing corporation that will be considered in this project in Target Corporation; it is gaining a competitive edge with Wal-Mart. Target is a well known retailing corporation or merchant store of United States (Gluyas, 2012). ………………(11 Pages with References)

MKT 310 Week 8 Assignment