MKT 305 Week 5 Assignment 1, Who’s Picking up Puffed Rice


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MKT 305 Week 5 Assignment 1, Who’s Picking up Puffed Rice ?

I did observe how the store used display tactics to lure certain consumers into buying certain products. I am not sure if this was the manufacturers marketing technique or the individual stores such as companies like Pepsi or Coke with their products. The products put by the check out aisles were definitely enticing to consumers with or without coupons. I did notice the sale items were with easy access throughout the store, and every end of aisle a person would walk past.  I-am sure this was a thought out marketing plan. I noticed from the coupons I had cut out from the local weekly sales paper. That these were the same items located at the end of aisles for easy access for purchases.

Like many other consumers we were all pretty much flying in on a quick in and out mission in fact most of us weren’t really leisurely shopping. Most consumers this evening was grabbing quickly products that were convenient. I was part of the few that did use……………Continued (7 Pages with References)

mkt 305 week 5 assignmentmkt 305 week 5


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