MIS 672 Final Exam – Question and Answers


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MIS 672 Final Examination – Question and Answers

  1. E-commerce can be defined as
  2. The following are all unique features of e-commerce technology:
  3. Disintermediation refers to:
  4. In addition to the Internet and the World Wide Web, which of the following technologies is integral to understanding e-commerce?
  5. Today, the portal business model is to:
  6. A/An is a company that offers access to Internet-based software applications to other companies.
  7. The global scale of the Internet impacts the business environment in all of the following ways except:
  8. The basic building blocks of the Internet include all of the following except:
  9. The process of slicing digital messages into parcels, sending them along different communication paths as they become available, and reassembling them at the destination point is called:
  10. Specialized computers that interconnect the thousands of computers that make up the Internet in order to transmit message parcels along available communication paths and on to their destinations are called:
  11. A set of rules for formatting, ordering, compressing, and error-checking messages is called a/an:
  12. The Internet Layer of TCP/IP is responsible for:
  13. Internet addresses (IP addresses) are currently express as a:
  14. The addresses ….by browsers to identify the location of content on the Web are called:
  15. Which of the following statement about client/server computing is true?
  16. Which of the following is not an advantage of client/server computing over centralized mainframe computing?
  17. is a utility program that allows you to track the path of a message you send from your client to a remote computer on the Internet.
  18. is a set of standards for communicating between a browser and a program running on a server that allows for interaction between the user and server.
  19. Which of the following languages did Microsoft invent to compete with Java? a. VBScript
  20. Which of the following would not be an appropriate choice for an e-commerce suite for a medium-sized business?
  21. Dynamic page generation makes all of the following possible except:
  22. Which of the following protocols is used to send mail to a server?:
  23. The leading Web server software is:
  24. Which of the following might include a data flow diagram to describe the flow of information for a Web site?
  25. What are the most important management challenges in building a successful e-commerce site?
  26. The most popular Internet activity is:
  27. Which of the following is an example of an integrity violation of e-commerce security?
  28. Bugbear is an example of a:
  29. Encryption can provide all of the following dimensions of e-commerce security except:
  30. A is a software application that acts as a filter between a company’s private network and the Internet.
  31. All of the following are used for authentication except:
  32. An account created by depositing funds and from which funds are paid out or withdrawn as needed is a:
  33. All of the following are important federal regulations of payment systems except:
  34. Mondex is an example of a:
  35. All of the following are examples of scrip except:
  36. Which of the following is the major concern of Internet users about purchasing online?
  37. CTR is a measure of the:
  38. Acquisition rate is a measure of the:
  39. Microsoft’s Banner Advertising Network is an example of a(n):
  40. All of the following are true statements about superstitials except:
  41. Which of the following is the leading industry in terms of dollars spent on online advertising?
  42. Recency refers to the:
  43. Which of the following protects original forms of expression in a tangible medium?
  44. Which of the following e-commerce technology dimensions opens up the possibility of intensive invasion of privacy for commercial and governmental purposes?
  45. Registering a domain name similar or identical to trademarks of others to divert Web traffic to their own sites is an example of:
  46. Internet Corporation for Assigning Numbers and Names (ICANN) was created during what period of the evolution of the governance of e-commerce:
  47. Which of the following is a core Fair Information Practices (FIP) principle?
  48. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an example of a technology that enables:
  49. Which of the following can be used on the Web to gather personal information:
  50. Which of the following basic principles plays an important role in defining privacy?
  51. The placing of a cookie on a user’s hard drive by one site that is then used by another site to sell that user related products without the knowledge of the user is:
  52. Which of the following laws regulates the federal government’s collection, use and disclosure of data collected by federal agencies and gives individuals a right to inspect and correct records about themselves?
  53. Which product category had the highest market penetration rate in 2005?
  54. A is a single channel Web firm that generates almost all its revenues from online sales.
  55. All of the following statements about Dell are true except:
  56. E-loan.com is an example of a(n):
  57. Which of the following roles do Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) play in the travel services value chain?
  58. All of the following statements about the online real estate services market are true except:
  59. An provides electronic catalogs that represent the products of thousands of direct manufacturers
  60. An is an independently-owned intermediary connecting hundreds of online suppliers offering millions of maintenance and repair products to business firms who pay fees to join the market.
  61. A continuously links the activities of buying, making, and moving products from suppliers to purchasing firms, as well as order entry systems.
  62. An e-procurement net marketplace is sometimes refer to as a(n):
  63. All of the following statements about EDI are true except:
  64. The second step in the procurement process is to:
  65. The majority of inter-firm trade involves:
  66. The key players in the procurement process are the:
  67. Automated order entry systems are:
  68. The stock market is an example of a(n):
  69. All of the following portals are in the top four in the United States in terms of reach except:
  70. Which of the following is a community technology that allows users to easily post messages to the entire community?
  71. A(n) is ……by an organization for the purpose of pursing organizational goals
  72. Which of the following generates the largest share of media revenues?
  73. Which of the following three forms of media account for over 80% of the hours spent consuming media?
  74. All of the following are aspects of content convergence except:
  75. Which of the following occurs first in the process of media convergence?
  76. The merger of AOL and Time Warner is an example of:
  77. Which of the following is a Web application that enables Internet users to communicate with each other, although not in real time.
  78. A Hollywood film production company that creates a Web site that contains free content about its forthcoming movies is using which type of revenue model:
  79. Salon.com uses which of the following revenue models:
  80. An e-book that is ……on a publisher’s server and for which purchasers pay a fee for reading on- screen is an example of a:
  81. The primary e-book revenue model is:
  82. All of the following as screen display technologies for e-books except:
  83. All of the following are e-book formats except:
  84. Which of the following are the top three producers of media revenues?
  85. The online paid content audience is growing at about a year.
  86. Which of the following media companies had the highest 2005 revenues?
  87. Which of the following media companies recently purchased MySpace.com?
  88. Music download Web sites offer:
  89. Which of the following online newspapers charges readers a subscription fee?
  90. Which of the following is an example of technological convergence?
  91. Newspapers have historically used which of the following revenue models?
  92. Which of the following is a high-speed, medium-range, broadband wireless metropolitan area network?
  93. Which of the following is a very high-speed, ….broadband wireless LAN technology for the business market?


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