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MIS 589 Week 7: Network Management-Test Your Knowledge Quiz

  1. (TCOG) is when network managers deal with network breakdowns and immediate problems instead of performing tasks according to a well aid out plan.(Points:1)
  2. (TCOG)To help reduce fire fighting in network management,a network manager should spend time on top r event problems.(Points:1)
  3. (TCOG) refers to managing and documenting the network’s hardware and software configuration.(Points:1)
  4. (TCO G) Desktop management (Points : 1)
  5. (TCOG) Documentation for network and applications of ware (Point:1)
  6. (TCOG) ensures that the network is operating as efficiently as possible.(Points:1)
  7. (TCOG) refers to preventing, detecting, and correcting faults in the network circuits, hardware, and software.(Points:1)
  8. (TCOG)A is an organizational department that is responsible for monitoring and fixing over all network problems.(Points:1)
  9. (TCOG) Network devices that are do only what they are designed to do, such as routing packets, but do not provide any network management information.(Points:1)
  10. (TCOG) are reports produced by numerous networks of tware packages for recording fault information.(Points:1)
  11.  (TCOG) allows the network manager to determine who is responsible for correcting any outstanding problems.(Points:1)
  12. (TCOG) is a criterion that keeps track of the number of hours or days of continuous operation before a component fails.(Points:1)
  13. (TCOG) is a statistic that measures how quickly the staff corrected a network problem after they arrived at the problem site.(Points:1)
  14. (TCOG) is the percentage of time the network is usable by users.(Points:1)
  15. (TCOG) that are negotiated with providers, such as common carriers, specify the exact type of performance and fault conditions that an organization will accept.(Points:1)
  16. (TCOG) Which of the following is not one of the three major sources of a user’s equipment problem that can be solved by network support?(Points:1)
  17. (TCOG) When a user problem cannot be solved by the help desk at the first level of resolution, the problem is to the second level of problem resolution.(Points:1)
  18.  (TCOG) is a measure of how much it costs per year to keep one computer operating. (Points :1)
  19. (TCO G) In-class training for end users should focus on mis 589 week 7 quiz
  20. (TCOG) A costing method that examines only the direct cost so fope rating the computers, omitting softer indirect costs,such as wasted time, is referred to as (Points:1)mis 589 week 7 quiz


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