MGT 550 Final Exam Part 1


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MGT 550 Final Exam Part 1

  1. A recommended strategy for minimizing office politics is to
  2. As the leader shares power with others, the leader’s power
  3. Anecdotes are particularly useful in persuading group members about the
  4. Empowerment tends to work best when the empowered activities are
  5. A leader acquires prestige power through
  6. An important part of making an inspirational appeal is to
  7. A good example of ingratiation when dealing with a person you are trying to influence would be for you to
  8. Team play can be an influence tactic when a person
  9. An important observation noted about the influence tactic of ingratiation is that
  10. In terms of exerting influence, the more position power a person has over another,
  11.  Jacob is a team leader who recognizes that collaboration among members is essential to the success of his team. He should therefore first attempt to develop what condition among team members?
  12. An example of a physical structure to facilitate communication among team members is a
  13. With respect to safety, good leader-member exchanges are likely to
  14. Cooperation theory in relation to teamwork includes the idea that
  15. An important part of open-book management is to
  16. An effective coaching technique to achieve enthusiasm and high performance is for the leader/manager to
  17. An advantage of a goal related to a noble cause is that it
  18. An example of a second-level outcome in expectancy theory would be
  19. An important implication of expectancy theory for leaders is that
  20. Mindi has a learning goal orientation. While she is competing in a national sales contest, she is strongly motivated to
  21. A finding about the insight step of creative thinking is that the flash of insight
  22. You and the other members of your business unit are participating in the pet-peeve technique, so you
  23. Research suggests workers are more likely to have a breakthrough idea when they are
  24. With respect to innovation, Procter & Gamble is noted for
  25. Middle manager Bob establishes idea quotas for his organizational unit, meaning that workers will be asked to


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