MGT 4610 Final Exam – Question and Answers



MGT 4610 Final Exam – Question and Answers

  1. Identify and discuss the five key dimensions of service quality. Given an example of a service and describe how a customer may define quality along each of these dimensions.
  2. In addition to focus groups and mail questionnaires, identify other methods that can be used to collect customer service information.
  3. Discuss how customer relationship management software may assist a firm in understanding its customer needs and preferences, both present and anticipated.
  4. Contrast the role and function of human resource management under the traditional and TQ approaches.
  5. Describe the key stages of a team’s life cycle.
  6. Explain job enlargement, job rotation, and job enrichment. Why are these seen as ways to improve employee satisfaction and productivity?
  7. Differentiate between value-creation (core) processes and supporting processes. Provide an example of each process.
  8. Define benchmarking. Identify the three major types of benchmarking and discuss their purposes.mgt 4610 final exam
  9. Identify the four components of a control system. Provide an example in a manufacturing firm to demonstrate each component.  Show in your example why long-term improvements cannot be ….unless the process is …under control.
  10. Identify four categories of measures that might constitute a Balanced Scorecard of performance measures and provide an example of each.
  11. What criterion is used to classify a failure cost as “internal” versus “external?” Give three examples of an internal failure cost and three examples of an external failure cost.
  12. Identify three aspects of managing and using performance data so that it is useful to the organization. Provide an example of each aspect.
  13. Discuss the two major reasons why companies adopt total quality.
  14. Discuss the concept of best practices.
  15. Explain the life cycle of quality initiatives.mgt 4610 final exam


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