MGT 312 Final Exam


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MGT 312 Final Exam 2018

  1. What type of reasoning takes an argument from general observations or premises to a specific conclusion?
  2. What do you call an invalid argument that is presented to appear valid?
  3. Which of the following tools is useful when working in a large group or one with members in more than one location?
  4. A decision support system helps you:
  5. To take advantage of pr5-programmed formulas that simplify common mathematical tasks, you can use a:
  6. Values that could change and affect the results are called:
  7. In a line chart, what does the line show?
  8. When yousum the values of items and then divide by the number of items , you are calculating the:
  9. How can you indicate the significance of each variable in a decision?
  10. output varieables are ofter reffer to:
  11. In most online scheduling tools, the meeting organizer uses an online calendar to:
  12. Which of the following is an advantage traditional books offer over e-books?
  13. Elements that are not likely to change much over time
  14. Normlaization makes the __________ consistent so you can compare them accurately
  15. Being __________ means seeing the world from your own view, assuming you are the norm or center.
  16. is the measure of variability of set of data
  17. Organization use __________ to identify the strategy or choice that will lead them to desire goal
  18. Chart is similar to line chart because it compares two or more variables over time

Short answer question: (Answer 4 : 4×5)

  • What is complex problem, and what’s the guidlines to slove it
  • Moving from planning to soultion implementation milestone when you are you begin make actions, what are the guidelines?Explain?
  • What is convergent thinking, and what it’s guidline?
  • What is “action plan” and what it’s benefit?
  • Software support tool representing your data, decisions, and solutions graphically what benefits for use display and their are different types?

Long answer question (Answer 1 : 1×10)

  • Descrip the following with short note
  • Command style
  • Consultative approach
  • Consensus decision
  • What is Decision system support (DSS), and what is benefits?