MGMT 520 Week 4 Case Analysis, Private Movie Co v. Pamela Lee


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MGMT 520 Week 4 Case Analysis, The Private Movie Company, Inc. v. Pamela Lee Anderson et al.

The defendant was famous actress/model Pamela Lee Anderson. She apparently agreed with the plaintiff to enter in an oral and written contract to participate in a new movie produced by The Private Movie Company, Inc. titled “Hello, She Lied”.The defendant walked out of participating in the movie, therefore the plaintiff brought the suit for $4.6 million for damages. The defendant claims she agreed to enter the contract. As long as the plaintiff revised the script concerning the nature of the nudity and sex scenes. Once the defendant still saw in the script that those changes were not made, she walked out of the contract…………..Continued (04 Pages)

MGMT 520 Week 4 Case Analysis


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