Medical Surgical Nursing – Test Bank (Question and Answers)




Medical Surgical Nursing Lewis – Test Bank (Question and Answers)

Chapter 2 Health Disparities and Culturally Competent Care

Chapter 3, Health History and Physical Examination

Chapter 4 Patient and Caregiver Teaching

Chapter 5, Chronic Illness and Older Adults

Chapter 7 Stress and Stress Management

Chapter 8 Sleep and Sleep Disorders

CHapter 9, Pain

Chapter 10, Palliative Care at End of Life

Chapter 11, Substance Abuse

Chapter 12, Inflammation and Wound Healing

Chapter 13 Genetics and Genomics

Chapter 14 – Altered Immune Response and Transplantation

Chapter 15, Infection and human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

Chapter 17, Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Imbalances

Chapter 18 Nursing Management – Preoperative Care

Chapter 19 Nursing Management – Intraoperative Care

Chapter 20 Nursing Management – Postoperative Care

Chapter 21, Nursing Assessment – Visual and Auditory Systems

Chapter 23, Nursing Assessment – Integumentary System

Chapter 24 Nursing Management – Integumentary Problems

Chapter 25 Nursing Management – Burns

Chapter 27 Nursing Management – Upper Respiratory Problems

Chapter 28, Nursing Management – Lower Respiratory Problems

Chapter 48 Nursing Assessment – Endocrine System

Chapter 53 Nursing Management – Sexually Transmitted Infections

Chapter 59 Nursing Management – Chronic Neurologic Problems

Chapter 65, Nursing Management – Arthritis and Connective Tissues Diseases


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