LEG 500 Discussion Questions with Answers Week 1 to 11


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LEG 500 Week 1 Discussion, Justifying Unethical Conduct and the Purpose for Law (Two Responses)

LEG 500 Week 2 Discussion, Business Crime and Liability and Privacy in the Workplace (Two Responses)

LEG500 Week 3 Discussion,  The Power of Advertising and Product Liability Law.

LEG500 Week 4 Discussion, Contract Law

LEG_500 Week 5 Discussion, Business Intellectual Property (Two Responses)

LEG_500 Week 6 Discussion, Rules of an Employer

LEG500 Week 7 Discussion, Stare Decisis and the Judicial System (Two Responses)

LEG500 Week 8 Discussion, Monopolies.

LEG_500 Week 9 Discussion, Employee Welfare: Safety and Health in the Workplace (Two Responses)

LEG_500 Week 10 Discussion, Anti-discrimination in the Workplace.

LEG500 Week 11 Discussion, Looking Back on the Class and Materials