LEG 100 Week 3 Quiz – Question and Answers


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LEG 100 Week 3 Quiz – Question and Answers

  1. In 1994, the Arizona Supreme Court decided the case of Hernandez v. Arizona Board of Regents and found a duty of care to avoid furnishing alcohol to underage consumers. If in 2008 a Flagstaff, Arizona plaintiff brings a lawsuit against an Arizona university’s fraternity for providing alcohol to members under the legal drinking age, the Hernandez v. Arizona Board of Regents case will serve as precedent.
  2. In order to determine if the case she was hearing broke the law, Judge Jane referred to prior rulings on the same subject. In other words, the judge is relying on precedent to make her decision.
  3. DoorWay Computers, Inc., the trademark owner of “DoorWay,” sought a court injunction to prevent Handyman Hardware, Inc. from using the domain name, “DoorWay.com.” A jury will decide whether DoorWay is entitled to this remedy.
  4. Wilfred was driving too fast for the icy road conditions and hit Sally’s car. Sally can sue Wilfred in criminal court.
  5. The three branches of government in the United States are
  6. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration promulgated a rule requiring warehouse employees to wear hardhats when in the vicinity of an operating forklift. The purpose of the hardhats is to protect employees from danger of falling objects. This rule is
  7. Congress passed a law imposing penalties for displaying “indecent” material online where children could see it. If the U.S. Supreme Court subsequently rules that the statute conflicts with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the statute is void.
  8. Primary methods of alternative dispute resolution include litigation and mediation.
  9. After being served with a summons and a copy of the complaint, a defendant usually files a pleading known as an answer, briefly replying to each allegation in the complaint.
  10. Jurisdiction can be described as
  11. According to your text, the biggest change in litigation in the last decade has been
  12. In a civil case, the plaintiff must prove the case
  13. In order for a federal court to have jurisdiction, there must be a federal question involved and at least $75,000 in dispute.
  14. The amendments to the U.S. Constitution protect the people from the power of state and federal governments.
  15. Judicial review is the power of the federal courts to declare a statute or governmental action unconstitutional and void.
  16. The doctrine of stare decisis, though vital to the creation of the common law when this country was settled, is not important to our modern, complex society.
  17. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, a federal statute, forbids discrimination on the basis of national origin in employment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the administrative agency that oversees the law. The EEOC issued
    e of National Origin. According to one of the guidelines, the EEOC will presume a
  18. The largest source of new law comes from court decisions.
  19. The government has the right to take private property through the power of eminent domain.
  20. The majority of work done by legislative bodies is performed in committees.


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